Heritage Park, Irvine

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Heritage Park
Location14301 Yale Ave., Irvine, California
Area36.5 acres (148,000 m2)

Heritage Park is located in the city of Irvine in Orange County, California. The park sits next to Heritage Park Regional Library on the corner of Yale and Walnut. It was for decades recognized by its iconic wooden "water tower" slide, which stood three stories tall. Originally built in 1976, the decaying structure was removed in the mid-2000s following a re-design of the play area. The park was also known to children of the 1980s for its tractor-tire maze, which was removed in the early 1990s to make way for a playground and basketball courts.


The pond sits in the south-east corner of the park. Several types of ducks call the lagoon their home. The walkway around the pond is a popular attraction.

Park Amenities[edit]

  • 3 pools
  • 2 multi-use buildings
  • 4 restrooms
  • 11 drinking fountains
  • 2 child play areas
  • 1 open play area
  • 1 amphitheater
  • 1 lake/pond
  • 2 concession stands
  • 3 lighted soccer fields
  • 12 lighted tennis courts
  • 3 lighted basketball courts
  • 1 volleyball court
  • 2 lighted racquetball courts
  • 2 lighted ball diamonds
  • 22 barbecues
  • 1 group picnic area
  • 29 picnic tables
  • Electrical outlets