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Dr. Hermann Lisco, 1913

Gustav Amandus Hermann Lisco (January 30, 1850 in Berlin; died November 7, 1923)[1] was a German lawyer and government minister during the beginning of the 20th century.


His father was Emil Gustav Lisco, a priest at the Berlin St. Marienkirche. Between 1859 and 1868 he attended the Friedrich Werder Gymnasium, subsequently he studied in Berlin, Heidelberg and Greifswald law and entered in 1872 the Prussian judicial service.

Liscos legal career led him in 1879 as magistrate to Rixdorf, in 1883 as a provincial judge to Berlin, in 1888 as a High Court Judge to Kwidzyn and one year later in the same function to Naumburg. He climbed 1903 to privy councillor. The following year he became head of the personnel department of the Prussian Ministry of Justice in the rank of Ministerial Director. From 1907 to 1909 he was the head of the Berlin Kammergericht, then in 1909 he was appointed a minister of Justice, and then Secretary as Secretary of State in the Reichsjustizamt.[2][3]

He was since 1908 a member of the Generalsynode of the Prussian Union of churches, and from 1922-1923 president of the Evangelischer Bund.[4]

Hermann Lisco was buried in a family grave at the cemetery of the Jerusalems- und Neuen Kirche in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The grave is obtained.


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