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A hexagon is a polygon with 6 sides. By extension, it can also mean:


  • Hexagon AB is a global industrial technology group developing Hydraulics, Moulding tools (manufacture Metals, Key Components), Metrology, Rubber products



  • The Hexagon is the name of the national military headquarters in Batman (TV series); compare with The Pentagon
  • Hexagon Comics, a French comic-book publisher whose characters include a group of super-heroes also called Hexagon




  • Exagon Engineering is a French auto racing team
  • "Hexagonal" is often used to refer to the final round of FIFA World Cup qualification in the CONCACAF region (North and Central America and the Caribbean), which has involved six national teams since the 1998 qualification cycle



  • The Hexagon (l' Hexagone) is an epithet of Metropolitan France, owing to the shape of its European mainland. A regular hexagon is depicted on France's one- and two-euro coins
  • Hexagon, a browser-based video game by Terry Cavanagh, later expanded into the full game Super Hexagon.

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