Highland Beach (The 4400)

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Highland Beach is a fictional lake shore in the science fiction television series The 4400.

The show revolves around the plot-line that over 60 years, 4400 people have been taken by people from the future. On April 22, 2001, the future accidentally took Shawn Farrell from Highland Beach instead of his cousin, Kyle Baldwin. At some time in 2004, all 4400 people were returned in a ball of light, arriving at Highland Beach with no memories of where they had been or how long they had been gone.


Capilano Lake

Diana Skouris says in the pilot episode that the "comet" is going to land at somewhere around 47ºN, 122°W or 123°W. The lake is referred to as being near Mount Rainier (at 122°W); the nearest lake to this confluence is Mowich Lake, inside of Mount Rainier National Park, 7.6 miles southeast.

(123°W would be outside of Olympia, Washington, in the Capitol State Forest).

The lake portrayed is actually Capilano Lake in North Vancouver, British Columbia.[1]