Maia Skouris

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Maia Skouris
The 4400 character
Maia Skouris.jpg
Conchita Campbell as Maia Skouris
First appearance "Pilot"
Last appearance "The Great Leap Forward"
Created by René Echevarria
Scott Peters
Portrayed by Conchita Campbell
Relatives Diana Skouris (adoptive mother)
Victor Rutledge (biological father; deceased)
Mary Rutledge (biological mother; deceased)
Sarah Rutledge (biological sister; whereabouts unknown)
Abilities Precognition

Maia Skouris (née Rutledge before adoption by Diana Skouris) is a fictional character on the USA Network science fiction TV show The 4400.


Season One[edit]

Maia Rutledge was born February 28, 1938, and disappeared March 3, 1946, at age 8 from Crescent City, California. She is the earliest of the returnees to be taken and the first to exhibit a special ability.

Maia began recording her visions in diaries.

Season Two[edit]

Her foster mother, NTAC Agent Diana Skouris, adopted her in the first episode of season two (Wake Up Call). Maia was the first 4400 to develop the immunity failure due to the promicin inhibitors.

Season Three[edit]

Maya was taken from a playdate by her "sister" to a place where they were holding some of the 4400 children. She was told after she stepped in the door she was in the future. Maya makes friends while in this house, when she is taken back they use their powers to try and save her. She was re-abducted by a representative from the future posing as her biological sister to be reinserted at a different point in the timeline (the year 1822). She was returned to the present by representatives from the future through a deal brokered by Tom Baldwin.

Maia began attending classes for 4400 children at the 4400 Center. In the season finale of season three ("Fifty-Fifty"), Diana removed Maia from the 4400 Center school due to security concerns although Maia sneaked back into school the day Isabelle went on a rampage in the center. At the end of season three, Maia moved to Spain with her mother and Ben.

Season Four[edit]

At the beginning of season four, the three returned to the U.S. after the disappearance of her aunt April. It is revealed that she supports Jordan Collier's plans for the future.


Maia is able to see future events (precognition). Generally, this ability is difficult for Maia to control and visions appear to her without warning. With concentration, however, she is able to predict specific events, first seen when her aunt April helps her win at gambling. In the season three episode "Gone (Part 1)" she admits that she has gained greater control of her ability since she is no longer taking the promicin inhibitor.