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Hillel Fuld
Hillel Fuld.jpg
ResidenceBeit Shemesh, Israel
Known forBlogging
Spouse(s)Racheli Fuld

Hillel Fuld is an American Israeli technology blogger, vlogger, business advisor and international speaker.[1][2] Fuld's work focuses on the Israeli high tech industry,[3] guidance for startup companies,[1] and marketing tips for growing a business or personal brands.[4]

Fuld has been recognized as one of the 100 most influential people in the Israeli tech industry,[5] and has been ranked in the top thousand of global technology bloggers.[6] In 2018, he was the keynote speaker at the Touro College Division of Graduate Studies commencement in New York City.[7]


Hillel Fuld was born in New York City to an Orthodox Jewish family,[8] where his father, Rabbi Yonah Fuld, served as principal of Salanter Akiba Riverdale Academy. As a teenager, Fuld moved with his family from the United States to Jerusalem, Israel. Fuld graduated with a BA in political science from Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv[9] but has spent his career in Israel’s high tech industry. Hillel Fuld currently resides in Israel with his wife and their five children.[10] In addition to his role as a technology advisor, Fuld also writes a weekly column for the Jerusalem Post[11], Inc Magazine[12] and runs a YouTube vlog.

Fuld’s older brother, Ari Fuld, was stabbed in the back and killed by a Palestinian terrorist in September 2018 at the Gush Etzion Junction. Although he had just been stabbed, Ari Fuld, a trained Israel Defense Forces soldier and reservist, neutralized the terrorist on-site, preventing others from being injured.[13] Hillel Fuld has described his brother as a hero[14] and has memorialized him publicly at speaking engagements across the world.[15]

Blogging career[edit]

Hillel Fuld began blogging while he was working at Comverse Technology, a now defunct telecommunications company, as a technical writer.[16] His blog, Tech N’ Marketing, gained traction and followers, especially after a post where he challenged conventional wisdom in the tech pundit world by predicting that the Microsoft Windows Phone would be a success.[17] Although the prediction was ultimately incorrect, Fuld’s blog became a recourse for both investors and entrepreneurs alike and Fuld himself established credibility as an authority on the technology industry. Fuld blogged about what he considered to be exciting companies and gave tips for success.[18]

The blog attracted the attention of journalists and investors because they wanted to know who to be paying attention to, and entrepreneurs because they wanted to break into Fuld’s network and get publicity from his platform. Eventually, Fuld established a model where startups would have him join their companies in an official capacity as an advisor in exchange for equity in the business.[16]

Through his blog, Fuld has conducted interviews with Marc Andreesen, Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Kawasaki, Alyssa Milano and Steve Wozniak.[19][20]

Communications and public relations career[edit]

Outside of working with entrepreneurs, Hillel Fuld collaborates with many technology companies in an advisor capacity. He is a certified Google Developer Expert,[21] a Huawei Key Opinion Leader[22] and on Oracle Corporation’s startup advisory board.[23] Fuld served as a spokesperson for El Al Israel Airlines Start Up Nation campaign[24] and is a brand ambassador for several technology companies that were either founded in Israel or by Israelis including Powtoon, Hometalk, Intelligo, ZUtA Labs and Umoove.[25]

In 2014, Fuld founded and was chief marketing officer of Zula, a collaborative software platform that was built to unify all team communication.[26] The company raised over three million dollars in venture capital funding from investors such as Microsoft’s M12 (venture capital), OurCrowd, Kima Ventures and others.[27] In 2016, Zula became ZCast and the pivoted their company mission to eliminate the barrier of entry into podcasting allowing any user to launch a podcast.[28] ZCast shut down and was removed from the Apple App Store in 2019.[29]


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