Hinoki Village

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Coordinates: 23°29′10.3″N 120°27′14.8″E / 23.486194°N 120.454111°E / 23.486194; 120.454111

Hinoki Village
General information
LocationEast, Chiayi City, Taiwan
Technical details
Floor count3.4 hectares

The Hinoki Village or Cypress Forest Life Village (Chinese: 檜意森活村; pinyin: Guìyì Sēnhuó Cūn) is a culture village in East District, Chiayi City, Taiwan.[1][2]


The village was originally the dormitories of the Chiayi Forest division of Forestry Bureau of the Taiwan Governor General Office during the Japanese rule of Taiwan. The construction for the Hinoki Village took the basis of the existing building in the area by renovating and dismantling the original partition walls of each building as an open space for landscaping or visitors.[3]


The village consists of 28 wooden Japanese-style dormitories and also Alishan Forest Club, director's official residence, guest house, public bathhouse etc.


The village is accessible within walking distance south of Beimen Station of Alishan Forest Railway.[4]

Opening time[edit]

The village is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

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