Hitchhiking in Israel

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Trempiyada (accent on the syllable -ya-) is Hebrew (טרמפיאדה, derived from the German trampen) for a designated place at a junction of highways or main roads in Israel from which hitchhikers, called trempists, may solicit rides. There are often many people waiting at trempiadas, and passing motorists often stop to pick them up. Trempiadas often also have bus stops at the same location.

There is an unofficial etiquette governing trempiada use which determines priority for rides such as the obvious elderly before youth. Once inside there are certain courtesies that should be observed. Firstly, one should not speak unless spoken to first. Secondly, one should not talk on the phone or with a friend when inside, and always say 'thank you' at the start and end of the ride. There is also a shorthand sign language for communication between hitchhikers and drivers. Hitchhiking is done by pointing to the ground with the hand far from the body, instead of raising a thumb. Hitchhiking in Israel is occasionally done with a printed sign to designate an obscure location differing from that of all the other hitchhikers at a particular trempiada. As a safety precaution the driver should be saying where he/she is going instead of the 'trempist' saying where he/she needs to get.

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