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Hoden Station (宝殿駅 Hoden-eki?) is a railway station in Takasago, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.



1 JR Kobe Line (Sanyō Main Line) (westbound) for Himeji, Aioi, Banshu-Ako, Okayama
2 JR Kobe Line (Sanyō Main Line) (east and westbound)
3 JR Kobe Line (Sanyō Main Line) (eastbound) for Sannomiya, Ōsaka, Kyoto, Maibara
(no platform) JR Kobe Line (Sanyō Main Line) (eastbound/side railway)  

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
West Japan Railway Company (JR West)
Sanyo Main Line (JR Kobe Line)
Special Rapid Service (新快速): Does not stop at this station
Kakogawa   Local trains (普通)
Rapid Service (快速): Nishi-Akashi or Akashi - Takatsuki or Kyoto

Coordinates: 34°47′05″N 134°48′43″E / 34.7847°N 134.8120°E / 34.7847; 134.8120