Holland's Next Top Model (cycle 2)

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Holland's Next Top Model, Cycle 2
Promotional photograph of the cast of Cycle 2 of Holland's Next Top Model
Country of origin Netherlands
Original network RTL5
Original release March 12 – May 14, 2007
Season chronology
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Cycle 1
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Cycle 3
Series summary

Holland's Next Top Model (retroactively Holland's Next Top Model Cycle 2) features a dynamic reality show format—in that the viewers not only witness an intense competition to find a top model but also the impact of the competition on and day-to-day lives of a diverse group of contestants.

Episode Summary[edit]

The Models Go Topless[edit]

  • Original airdate: March 12, 2007

The season premiere starts off with auditions. And the pool of girls is reduced to 12. As the girls have a busy week they move into a penthouse in Amsterdam and do a topless jeans photo shoot for Vero Moda.

During elimination The judges found Bengü and Bodil's shot to be breathtaking. Yfke and the panel question Gioia's potential. She ends up into the bottom two with Sabrina, who did not shine at the photo shoot. Gioia is sent home.

  • Bottom two: Gioia de Bruijn & Sabrina van der Donk
  • Eliminated: Gioia de Bruijn

The Models Became Marilyn Monroe[edit]

  • Original airdate: March 19, 2007

In this episode the girls get fashion awareness training with Bastiaan van Schaijk and Angelique Westerhog of the Mercedes Dutch Fashion Foundation. They learn the girls everything about designers, the girls has to dress in their own inspire in the style of a few designers and in the end Sandra won the reward.

After that, the girls get their big make-over, the twins both got a hippie-inspired look and another girl got short red hair. Sandra wasn't glad about the idea of getting her punk-inspired look.

The next day there is a Marilyn Monroe shoot at the frigate warship in Den Helder, the girls are dressed up in beautiful clothing of Percy in red and pink colors, Loïs is not ok with her outfit for her shoot and other girls are having trouble with the icy wind. After the shoot Yfke comes to the penthouse for giving answers for the questions of the girls.

During elimination, River delivered a good shot, so did Kim and Christa. Sharmyla and Maan were in the bottom two, Maan because of her bad picture at the photo shoot and the panel doesn't believe anymore in her instead of Yfke. But Sharmyla was sent home due to her bad picture at the photo shoot and "lack of persona".

  • Bottom two: Maan Limburg & Sharmyla de Jong
  • Eliminated: Sharmyla de Jong

The Model Who Walks In A Couture Dress[edit]

  • Original airdate: March 26, 2007

The girls are getting catwalk lessons by Judge and coach Mariana Verkerk, who teaches them the basics of walking the catwalk. Bodil and Kim who did the best job won the grand prize to the Paris Fashion Couture Week show of South African designer Gavin Rajah, but the two girls discover after going to see Gavin Rajah that they only have place for one girl, so after a discussion and walks by Bodil and Kim, Gavin Rajah decided to pick Bodil for the show. When Bodil is getting her make-up done and gets dressed, Kim goes shopping in Paris with her guide and judge Rosalie van Breemen.

Meanwhile, in Holland there is a photo shoot for the other 8 girls, they have to jump on a trampoline and have to look dreamy in the air. Maan and Bengü do not get it. After the shoot Ruud van der Peijl takes the girls to the Kick Off of the Amsterdam Fashion Week. In Paris Bodil walks the show. Back in Holland Bodil and Kim meet the other girls again and they hear that they are exempted for elimination.

During panel the judges like Loïs, River and Sabrina's shots. All the judges except Yfke lost their complete faith in Maan. Bengü ends up in the bottom two as well due her lack of energy. Yfke reveals none of their pictures and they both get send home despite Bengü having a good portfolio.

  • Bottom two: Bengü Orhan & Maan Limburg
  • Eliminated: Bengü Orhan & Maan Limburg

The Model That Stood Up For Herself[edit]

  • Original airdate: April 2, 2007

In this episode the girls woke up in the early morning to learn some discipline at the Constabulary OC. The whole day they are getting trained. At the end of the day a mental coach tells the girls how they have to live with critics. The challenge ends up into an emotional happening for Tanimara. The winner of the week challenge at the Constabulary is Sabrina and picks a friend to enjoy the price to go to a beauty saloon with Hildo Groen, her first choice is Bodil, but Tanimara showed more emotions and need it more than Bodil does.

At the photo shoot the girls have to show their emotions in an emotional rain shoot with photographer Paul Bellaart.

During elimination, the judges like Loïs and Bodil's photos the most. During callout, there are three girls left, but Yfke only has two photos in her hands and those represent Christa due to her "lack of persona" and Kim due to her photos, which are too sexy. But Tanimara was sent home due to her photo, which doesn't show much emotion as Tanimara already showed.

  • Bottom three: Christa Verboom, Kim Feenstra & Tanimara Teterissa
  • Eliminated: Tanimara Teterissa

The Model Who Has A Crush[edit]

  • Original airdate: April 9, 2007

The girls got an opportunity to star in a video clip by the Dutch hip-hop group R.O.O.O.M., the winner is the girl who learns to express her emotions by dancing and acting, the winner of that challenge is ... Bodil. In the city of Amsterdam she stars in the video clip.

The next day the girls meet judge Carli Hermès, who is the photographer for the photo shoot, they have to pose with a male model and have to try to seduce the guy. Kim is doing a great job while Sandra struggles with her extravagant smile and Sabrina with her body language.

During elimination Sabrina and Sandra are in the bottom two due to their bad photos, but Sandra was ultimately send home due to stress and her lack of potential to go further in the competition.

  • Bottom two: Sabrina van der Donk & Sandra van Amstel
  • Eliminated: Sandra van Amstel

The Models Who Get Faked Out[edit]

  • Original airdate: April 16, 2007

The girls get together with judge Rosalie van Breemen, which tells them about gossip magazines. Rosalie took a copy of 'Ici Paris' magazine with her, in which she is printed, together with contestant Kim! The picture was made in Paris where Bodil and Kim were guests a few episodes ago. The girls then perform in three casting calls for a commercial, fashion designer and movie director. Sabrina shows her worst side trying to manipulate the other girls and taking it to her advantage. Sabrina, Bodil and Christa win the prize, which is knowledge of the photo shoot the day after. The other three, Kim, Loïs and River go to the elimination room at which they find out they will be going out in town for the night. When they come home they find out the photo shoot is only three hours away. Sabrina again shows her ugly side by claiming Bodil and Christa said 'sluts' about the three girls that were away, which was claimed not true.

The shoot is a beauty shot for L'Oréal, in which the girls have to look fresh and awake. After the photo shoot the girls meet up with Yfke at Vero Moda. There they get to pick summer outfits, as they will be going to South Africa. The morning after the girls settle in a limousine, thinking they are going to the airport. But they did not know it was leading to the elimination room.

Loïs and Kim are the bottom two'ers this episode, Loïs for still having too little facial expressions, the jury does not know what to tell her to advance. Kim because she did not know her measurements, meaning she did not act as a professional topmodel. Loïs was eliminated.

  • Bottom two: Kim Feenstra & Loïs Hoeboer
  • Eliminated: Loïs Hoeboer

The Model Who Is Also A Dragon[edit]

  • Original airdate: April 23, 2007

The girls arrive in Cape Town. Problems already start when Sabrina takes a bigger bed than Christa & Bodil who were meant to sleep together, leading to irritations. The girls get out of bed finding a dance instructor. He takes them to a garden to practice gymnastics and expressions. The girls leave to a desert to make a film of various expressions. Some girls take it difficult by trying things they are not well at and surprise the crew with a performance. River eventually felt bad because she had to do expressions she did not pick and she felt she did a bad job. The winner of the challenge was Kim, which picked River to go along with her for a night at a honeymoon suite, the other three had to sleep in a tent in the middle of the jungle. The morning after the girls participate in a shoot with animals. River's shoot did not go well as she had to pose with rhinos, which showed signs of attack.

During elimination Bodil and River were in the bottom 2. River because she did not manage to get a usable role of film, Bodil due to her lack of passion. River was eliminated.

  • Bottom two: Bodil de Jong & River Hoeboer
  • Eliminated: River Hoeboer

The Models Who Go On Their Go-sees[edit]

  • Original airdate: April 30, 2007

The girls arrive at Gavin Rajah's shop, where they get to pick a dress suitable for a cocktail party. Sabrina and Christa flop, and Kim takes the competition by storm winning the challenge. The girls arrive on a broken highway where Mary Reynolds is to judge their walks. Bodil is the only one who gets compliments, followed by Kim, again Sabrina and Christa flop, especially Sabrina who kept her beauty queen image. The girls quickly go to their go-sees, all 4 leave good impressions. After the go-sees the girls went to a party to promote themselves and network. The photo shoot of the week is a bodypaint photo shoot as several animals. After the photo shoot the girls have to dress themselves casually and look the best they can, as they are going to a special Ice Models party being special guests.

During elimination Bodil and Sabrina are in the Bottom two. Sabrina because she still had too much beauty queen inside, Bodil because of the judges did not see progression in last episode's criticism. In the end Bodil was eliminated.

  • Bottom two: Bodil de Jong & Sabrina van der Donk
  • Eliminated: Bodil de Jong

The Models Who Prepare For The Final[edit]

  • Original airdate: May 7, 2007

The final three girls are leaving Cape Town, South Africa to go back to Holland. They will return to their homes where they can see their family and friends. Rosalie van Breemen goes visiting the girls one by one and talks with their family and friends. She asks the girls how they are going to prepare on the finale and what this means for them to have become this far. Kim reveals that she is partly deaf because she was in a horrible car accident when she was a baby. This is also the reason that she talks with an accent and sometimes speaks with wrong sentences. Sabrina shows a whole other side of her than she had shown being in the competition where she was bitchy with to much beauty queen inside. Christa tells that she never expected to get this far and it is shown that she is a dance teacher in her spare time. In the end the judges all give their opinion about each girl and they tell how they think their chances are for the finale. Next week the finale will be held for a live audience.

The Model becomes Holland's Next Top Model[edit]

  • Original airdate: May 14, 2007

The girls finally get to show their preparation to the public in a live fashion show. The public now gets to vote for their favourite and the percentage votes will be calculated over 50 points. Each jurymember then also has 10 points to give their favourite. The girls were dressed in dresses of for instance Jan Taminiau, Mart Visser and Percy. The girls that previously left Holland's Next Top Model also come back for a runway walk, styled in clothing of Vero Moda. Various clips are shown including the Glamour photo shoot in the theme Summer.

Nearing the end of the program each jurymember has to write down the name of the contestant they want to win. When all envelopes are in the televoting results are shown. Kim wins the televote with an astonishing 40 points, 80 percent of the votes cast. Christa and Sabrina split the 2nd place with 5 points each. The first envelope with 10 points is from Mariana, earning Christa 10 points. Next envelope was Carli's, also earning Christa 10 points. Yfke's envelope is opened with Kim's name, meaning 50 points for Kim, no longer stoppable from the other two girls, meaning she is the winner. The votes of Rosalie and Karin were not revealed.

  • Winner: Kim Feenstra


(ages stated are at start of contest)[1]

Contestant Age Hometown Finish Place
Gioia de Bruijn 20 Amsterdam Episode 1 12
Sharmyla de Jong 21 Haarlem Episode 2 11
Maan Limburg 18 Utrecht Episode 3 10–9
Bengü Orhan 20 Gorinchem
Tanimara Teterissa 19 Amsterdam Episode 4 8
Sandra van Amstel 20 Huizen Episode 5 7
Loïs Hoeboer 17 Haarlem Episode 6 6
River Hoeboer 17 Haarlem Episode 7 5
Bodil de Jong 18 Leeuwarden Episode 8 4
Sabrina van der Donk 18 Zeewolde Episode 10 3
Christa Verboom 20 Apeldoorn 2
Kim Feenstra 21 Groningen 1


Call-out order[edit]

Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10
1 Christa Bengü River Bodil Loïs Kim River Sabrina Kim Kim
2 Bodil Tanimara Kim Kim Bodil Christa Christa Kim Christa Christa
3 River Bodil Christa Sabrina Sabrina Loïs Bodil Christa Sabrina Sabrina
4 Kim Kim Sabrina Loïs Sandra River Sabrina Bodil Bodil
5 Tanimara Sandra Tanimara River River Bodil Kim River
6 Gioia Christa Bodil Sandra Christa Sabrina Loïs
7 Sandra River Bengü Tanimara Kim Sandra
8 Sabrina Sharmyla Sandra Christa Tanimara
9 Maan Loïs Loïs Bengü
10 Bengü Maan Maan
11 Sharmyla Sabrina Sharmyla
12 Loïs Gioia
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant was immune from elimination
     The contestant won the competition
  • In episode 1, the pool of 20 girls was reduced to 12 who moved on to the main competition. However, this first call-out does not reflect their performance that first week.
  • Episode 4 consisted of a bottom three, as opposed to the normal bottom two.
  • In episode 9, the final three girls showed their ordinary lives back at home.
  • In episode 10, the final, 50% is decided by televoting, 50% by the jury. Kim wins the televote by storm by defeating the other girls with 80% of the votes.

Photo Shoot Guide[edit]

  • Week 1 Photo shoot : VeroModa' Topless Trio's
  • Week 2 Photo shoot : Percy' Marilyn Monroe at the Navy
  • Week 3 Photo shoot : L'Oréal Trampoline Shot
  • Week 4 Photo shoot : Crying in the Rain
  • Week 5 Photo shoot : LG Sexy Shot
  • Week 6 Photo shoot : L'Oréal Face Mimicry
  • Week 7 Photo shoot : Glamour Urban African
  • Week 8 Photo shoot : Bodypainted Animals
  • Week 10 Photo shoot : Cover shoot Glamour