Hollandse Brug

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Coordinates: 52°19′30″N 5°08′17″E / 52.325°N 5.138°E / 52.325; 5.138

Hollandse Brug
Flevoland from the plane retouched.jpg
Southeastern Flevoland as viewed from the air. The Hollandse Brug can be seen in the lower left.
Carries A6, Flevolijn
Crosses Gooimeer and IJmeer
Locale Netherlands
Opened 1969[1]

The Hollandse Brug is a bridge which crosses the Gooimeer and the IJmeer in the Netherlands.[2] The bridge carries both the Flevolijn heavy rail railway and the A6 motorway, plus a cycleway and footway.[citation needed]

History and importance[edit]

The bridge opened in June 4, 1969 (1969-06-04)[1] and, since then, has been the main link between the Randstad (the conurbanation including Amsterdam, 's-Gravenhage and Rotterdam) and the province of Flevoland, including its two largest cities Almere and Lelystad. In 1987,[citation needed] the bridge carrying the Flevolijn railway between Weesp and Almere Buiten was opened adjacent to the Hollandse Brug.


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  2. ^ The Hollandse Brug forms the border between the Gooimeer and the IJmeer. The Gooimeer is defined as the water between the bridge and the next major bridge further south, the Stichtse Brug; the IJmeer's reach is defined as the water northwest of the Hollandse Brug.