Hollyoaks Later (series 1)

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Hollyoaks Later series 1
Hollyoaks Later series 1 opening title
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 5
Original network E4
Original release 24 November – 28 November 2008
Season chronology
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Series 2

The first series of Hollyoaks Later (originally Late Night Hollyoaks[1]) is a British television spin-off that ran for one week beginning 24 November 2008.[1] It is a spin-off of the Channel 4 television series Hollyoaks. It was produced by Lucy Allan.

The first series centered on Niall Rafferty's return for revenge on Steph Cunningham, Craig Dean's return, Mercedes Fisher and Malachy Fisher's relationship and wedding, and Sarah Barnes sexual encounter with Zoe Carpenter.


On 5 June 2008, it was announced that Channel 4 had commissioned the five-part series that began recording in September.[1] It was announced that the plot would involve several groups of characters traveling to different parts of the United Kingdom, with the main storyline being Niall's return, Mercedes and Malachy's wedding, and Sarah and Zoe's lesbian encounter. The series started on 24 November on E4.

It was revealed on 18 September 2008 that The Saturdays would be guest starring in Hollyoaks Later.[2]


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Craig returns and takes Steph and Tom off to a remote Scottish setting, however Niall is soon following their move and seems contempt on revenge. After kidnapping Tom, Niall realizes Steph does not love him as he does her and ends his life. Kris and Malachy head home to Ireland with their father's ashes and discover a family secret. As Malachy prepares to tell his family of his medical condition, Mercedes heads off after him with Zak and Elliot in tow to tell him she loves him. Sarah, Zoe and Nancy head off on a road trip which leads them to Zoe's old school, where she and Sarah fall out over Zoe's first love - her former teacher. As Ravi seeks forgiveness from Nancy, a drunken Sarah and Zoe show off true feelings and end up sleeping together, only to feel guilty the next day. Dom meets the possible love of his life. Meanwhile, Josh and the Baby Diegos are ecstatic to play at the 'Battle of the Bands' in Liverpool, where the lead members have to come to great decisions about their lives.


Character Actor
Craig Dean Guy Burnet
Steph Cunningham Carley Stenson
Tom Cunningham Ellis Hollins
Niall Rafferty Barry Sloane
Amy Barnes Ashley Slanina-Davies
Dominic Reilly John Pickard
Justin Burton Chris Fountain
Elliot Bevan Garnon Davies
Josh Ashworth Sonny Flood
Rhys Ashworth Andrew Moss
Kris Fisher Gerard McCarthy
Malachy Fisher Glen Wallace
Mercedes McQueen Jennifer Metcalfe
Michaela McQueen Hollie-Jay Bowes
Nancy Hayton Jessica Fox
Russ Owen Stuart Manning
Ravi Roy Stephen Uppal
Sarah Barnes Loui Batley
Sasha Valentine Nathalie Emmanuel
Zak Ramsey Kent Riley
Zoe Carpenter Zoë Lister
Loretta Jones Melissa Walton
Cheryl Brady Bronagh Waugh
Erin Fisher Gemma Craven
Lynsey Nolan Karen Hassan
Pete Martin McCormick
Sam Jenkins Martin Fisher
Shane Patrick Buchanan
Bernadette Fisher Rachel Heaton
Themselves The Saturdays


Hollyoaks Later Run time Original airdate Viewers (millions) [3]
Episode 1 1 hour 24 November 2008 0.89
Episode 2 1 hour 25 November 2008 0.85
Episode 3 1 hour 26 November 2008 0.78
Episode 4 1 hour 27 November 2008 0.76
Episode 5 1 hour 28 November 2008 0.65


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