Hollywood Nocturnes

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Hollywood Nocturnes
First edition cover
Author James Ellroy
Cover artist Jacket design by Chip Kidd (as Iacone Ink)
Country United States
Language English
Genre Short stories, crime fiction
Publisher Otto Penzler Books
Publication date
April 1994
Media type Print (hardcover & paperback) and audio cassette
Pages 229 pp (first edition, hardcover)
ISBN 978-1-883402-54-9 (first edition, hardcover)

Hollywood Nocturnes is a 1994 collection of short stories by James Ellroy. Like many of Ellroy's novels, the majority of the stories are set in 1940s and 1950s. The collection was inspired by Ellroy's having seen the film Daddy-O and finding cosmic significance in the image of Dick Contino, whom Ellroy tracked down to interview for the book. The first segment of the book, "Dick Contino's Blues," is a novella about Contino tracking down a serial killer while trying to repair his public image after being labeled a draft-dodger. Several other stories resurrect deceased Ellroy protagonists, recalling major events in their lives as they near death.


  • "Out of the Past"
  • "Dick Contino's Blues"
  • "High Darktown"
  • "Dial Axminster 6-400"
  • "Since I Don't Have You"
  • "Gravy Train"
  • "Torch Number"

Alternate versions[edit]

The collection was also published outside the United States as Dick Contino's Blues and other stories.[1] "Out of the Past" is the first piece in the collection, but is included as an "Introduction" by the author, rather than as a short story[citation needed].

A version of Dick Contino's Blues appeared in issue number 46 of Granta magazine (Winter 1994) along with several photographs of Contino and the author.


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