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HomeGround Services is a homelessness, housing and support agency working to end homelessness in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is part of the Australian Common Ground Alliance, which is affiliated with Common Ground (NYC).[1] HomeGround Services has offices based in Collingwood, Victoria; Preston, Victoria; St Kilda, Victoria; Prahran, Victoria; and at Elizabeth Street Common Ground in the CBD.

In July 2015 it merged with Hanover to become Launch Housing.[1]


HomeGround Services was formed in December 2002 from the merger of two like-minded organizations to combine the housing experience of Argyle Street Housing and the support and outreach experience of Outreach Victoria.[2]

HomeGround Services’ vision to work towards ending homelessness in Melbourne coincides with recent federal and state progress in this direction. The Australian Government has released its White Paper on Homelessness,[3] which includes targets for reducing the number of people who are homeless, and the Victorian Government committed to a new Victorian Homelessness Strategy.[4] However, a number of factors continue to contribute to homelessness including:[5][6]

  • Housing affordability.
  • Family and other crises.
  • A limited supply of, and poor access to, affordable and supportive housing.


HomeGround Services works with a diverse range of clients including those referred from mainstream health organizations, the mental health sector, criminal justice, child protection and others. Its practices, approaches and models in dealing with its clients are based on international best practice on homelessness.[7][8]

Client numbers[edit]

Annually, HomeGround Services provides:

  • Assistance to 9000 homeless households in crisis or at risk of homelessness to find shelter and long-term housing.[9]
  • Management of around 330 transitional housing properties.[9]
  • Support to more than 700 public housing households in order to prevent eviction.[9]


HomeGround Services works in the areas of homelessness, housing, support services and social change advocacy.

Its services include:

  • Crisis housing advice service (Initial Assessment and Planning) [9]
  • Housing Outreach Worker program [9]
  • Justice Housing Support Program
  • Mental health programs including ConnectED and the Housing Mental Health Pathways Program
  • Outreach programs [9]
  • Private Rental Access Program
  • Private Rental Management Program
  • Social Housing Advocacy and Support Program
  • Supportive Housing Development
  • Tenancy and Property program [9]
  • Advocacy

HomeGround Services is a partner in the Elizabeth Street Common Ground (Melbourne, Australia) supportive housing project that will deliver more than 131 homes based on the Common Ground model in Elizabeth Street, central Melbourne in October 2010.[10] HomeGround Services will provide the associated health, training, support and employment services to be located on the site.[11]

In 2009 HomeGround Services joined with 40 other organizations in Call this a home? campaign for safe rooming houses in Victoria, advocating for reform of Victoria’s private rooming house sector.[12]

HomeGround Services won the tender for Victoria's Melbourne Street to Home program in partnership with The Salvation Army and working with the Royal District Nursing Service. Melbourne Street to Home is another key model from the Federal White Paper on Homelessness.

HomeGround Services is a Registered Housing Provider and also accredited with the Quality Improvement Council; Homeless Assistance and Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation and Support standards.[citation needed]

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