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Front view of Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre
Side view of Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, with St. Joseph's College in the background.
Side view of Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (A view from Hong Kong Park)

The Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (Chinese: 香港視覺藝術中心) is located in Hong Kong Park, at 7A Kennedy Road in Central, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. It was opened by Leung Ding-Bong, then chairman of the Urban Council, in 1992.

The main aim of the centre is to support the local art creation. The centre was restructured from an early 20th-century building called Cassels Block, a former barracks for married British officers, of Victoria Barracks, in order to provide an area and facilities for local artists. A lot of modern artefacts and sculptures can be enjoyed in this centre.

The historic building is listed as a Grade II historic building.[1] Coordinates: 22°16′36″N 114°09′34″E / 22.27680°N 114.15933°E / 22.27680; 114.15933


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