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Horace & Tina is an Australian children's television series that first screened on Network Ten in 2001. The series was produced by Jonathan M. Shiff Productions. The series mixes animatronic characters (Horace & Tina) with live action drama.[1]


Horace is a short, grumpy, 200-year-old man who is the world's greatest mischief maker. His elder sister, Tina, is a 271-year-old incurable romantic who loves to meddle and give advice. Lauren Parker discovers she is the only person who can see Horace and Tina and has to keep their existence a secret from her family and friends without them thinking she's going crazy.[2]


  • Frank Gallacher as the voice of Horace
  • Jackie Kelleher as the voice of Tina
  • Jasmine Ellis as Lauren Parker
  • Jordan White as Max Tate
  • Carolyn Bock as Kimberly Tate
  • Matt Parkinson as Steve Tate
  • David Sacher as Lachlan Watson
  • Carl Lennie as TJ Knox
  • Hannah Greenwood as Annabel Delaney
  • Terry Norris as Ern Watson


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