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Horváth is a common Hungarian and Slovak surname. It comes from horvát ("Croat"), which was borrowed from a Slavic language. The related surname Horvat, which is derived from an older version of the Croatian noun "Hrvat" ("Croat"), is the most common surname in Croatia or the Croatian diaspora.[1][2] "Horváth" is the 4th most common surname in Hungary and the most common in Slovakia.[citation needed] After a brief period of independence, Croatia was added to the Kingdom of Hungary in the 11th century when the Kingdom of Croatia's primogeniture fell on Hungarian relations. When Austria and Hungary joined into Austro-Hungarian Empire having been ruled by the same royal house, Croats lived and freely moved throughout Central and Eastern Europe and Austria. Therefore, members of this family can be found across the world, and are most numerous in the United States.[3] Variations of the name include Horvat, Horvaty, Hrvat, Chorbadi, Orbath, Orvath, Orvat.

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