Hossam Habib

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Hossam Habib
Native name
حسام الدين حسين كامل حبيب
Birth nameHossam El-Deen Hessen Habib
Born (1980-05-31) May 31, 1980 (age 39)
Cairo, Egypt
OriginCairo, Egypt
GenresEgyptian pop music
LabelsMelody Music

Hossam Habib (Egyptian Arabic: حسام حبيب‎; born May 31, 1980)[1] is an Egyptian singer and composer.

Personal life[edit]

Habib has one sister (Ranya) and one brother (Bassel) whom are both younger than him. He grew up with passion for singing and football.

Hossam got married in Cairo, Egypt, on April 7, 2018, to the Egyptian singer, Sherine Abdel-Wahab. The wedding was only attended by immediate family members and the managers and organizer of the couple, including Sherine's daughters (Maryam and Hana) from previous marriage to composer, Mohammed Mustafa.[2] It was Habib's second marriage.[3]


Hossam initially worked as a composer. He composed Elissa's song "Ayshalak" (Arabic: عايشالك). Hossam loved to sing and compose but he had never attempted to make singing his career. His family and friends convinced him to give it a try and he signed with a production company where he did his first single 'Men Yomak' (Egyptian Arabic: من يومك). Habib launched his first album Lessa with another production company called FAME and his second one with Melody.

After the Arab Spring, Hossam released a new song called 'Aala Sot' (Arabic: أعلى صوت) singing in the memory of the Tunisian revolution and Egyptian Revolution, he presented it to the Egyptian and Arab people.



Fara2 Ketir -(2016)

  • Lessa ("Still") – 2004[4]
  • Agmal Quesset Hob ("The Most Beautiful Love Story") – 2006[5]
  • Gowa El Alb ("In the Heart") – 2008[6]

Other songs[edit]

Hossam also sang some songs with many other singers as:

  • "Law Konna Benhebbaha" (Arabic: لو كنا بنحبها).
  • "Ahsan Nass" (Arabic: أحسن ناس).

Awards[citation needed][edit]

Award Awarded by
Gold Award for the Best Arab Young Man Singer in 2008 Murex d'Or
Best Arabic song Murex d'Or
Best Album in 2008 Middle East Music Award 2008
Best Album award Dear Guest


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