Hot Money

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Hot Money
Caroline Quentin (left) in ITV's Hot Money (2001).jpg
Caroline Quentin (left) in ITV's Hot Money (2001).
Written by Neil McKay
John Mister
Terry Winsor
Starring Caroline Quentin
Georgia Mackenzie
Melanie Hill
Gerard Horan
Cliff Parisi
Shaun Curry
Jay Simpson
Kate Williams
Christine Ellerbeck
Dickon Tolson
Joan Hodges
Josie Kidd
Terry Bird
Michael Brogan
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 1
Producer(s) Jeremy Phillips
Running time 90 Minutes
Original network ITV
Original release
  • 12 December 2001 (2001-12-12)

Hot Money is an ITV film first shown in December 2001.

Inspired by the Loughton incinerator thefts, Caroline Quentin stars as a cleaner at the Bank of England who hatches a plot "for impoverished workers to pinch cash" before it is incinerated.[1]


The drama tells the story of three workers at the Bank of England incinerating plant in Essex. The trio, led by Bridget (Caroline Quentin), hatch a plan to steal thousands of pounds by stashing the notes in their underwear.[2][3]


Actor Role
Caroline Quentin Bridget Watmore
Georgia Mackenzie Jackie Haggar
Melanie Hill Liz Hoodless
Gerard Horan Don Watmore
Cliff Parisi Bob Hoodless
Shaun Curry Mr. Glover
Jay Simpson Barry Weller
Kate Williams Molly Stern
Christine Ellerbeck Mrs. Riddell
Dickon Tolson Sean
Joan Hodges Irene Haggar
Michael Brogan Detective Jim Fenwick


The show was revealed in an announcement by ITV in January 2001 of two future projects - In Blood Strangers and Hot Money - starring Caroline Quentin who Nick Elliott, ITV controller of drama, described as being "...very good at playing very ordinary women."[4] Filming began in February 2001.[4]


The show received a 44% audience share between 9pm and 11pm, according to unofficial overnight figures; it was screened against a Panorama investigative special programme on BBC1.[5] Reception by newspaper critics ranged from "inadequate script" (Daily Mail; Daily Telegraph) to "thrilling comedy caper" (Mirror).[6]


In 2008, the film was remade in the United States under the name Mad Money, starring Diane Keaton as Bridget, Katie Holmes as Jackie, Queen Latifah as Liz (renamed Nina for the US audiences), and Ted Danson as Don. Lindsay Lohan was initially cast to play Jackie but was replaced due to a lack of completion bond.[7]


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