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The Houston Open Darts Tournament is an annual darts tournament for steel-point darts in Houston, Texas. The combined prize money is in excess of $10,000. In 2013 the tournament will take place on 21-23 June.[1]

The Houston Open Darts Tournament has been held annually, every year since 1980. The first year, 1980, was held in the ballroom of the LaQuinta Inn, near Sharpstown Mall in Houston, Texas. Since then, it has been held at several different major hotels.

The Houston Open consists of many events, currently 13, played over three day weekend: Friday through Sunday. Events include singles, doubles, and mixed events for 501 and Cricket. ADO national ranking points are awarded to the winner of the 501 Singles event.

Year Singles 501 Winner Score Runner-Up Total
Prize Money
Singles 501 Winner Singles 501 Runner-Up
2006 United States Gary Mawson  ?-? United States John Kuczynski  ?  ?  ?
2008 United States Brian Blake  ?-? United States Peter Kigano $2,240 $600 $300
2009 United States Steve Brown[2]  ?-? United States Dieter Schutsch $1,430 $500 $250
2010 United States Tom Sawyer  ?-? United States Joey Watts $1,430 $500 $250

Due to organizational problems within the hosting body, Harris County Darts Association, the tournament was not held in 2014.


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