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Cheah Meng Chi (謝夢池) or Cheah Choon Seng or Tjia Tjoen Sen(謝春生) or Hsie Yung Kuang (謝榮光), a Hakka from Meixian, Guangdong, China, was Chinese Vice Consul in Penang from 1895–1903 and from 1906-1907. He was a founding director of the Deli Bank in Medan, Indonesia.[1] Born in 1848 in Pontianak, Dutch East Indies. He was a contractor of provisions and foodstuffs to the Dutch Government for eight years before moving to Kota Raja or Banda Acheh on the east coast of Sumatra where, in addition to those existing contracts he obtained fresh contracts for the construction of railroads and for opium and other revenue farms. He was appointed Lieutenant China, which he held for twenty-one years after which he was made Captain China. The Dutch Government conferred on him the Gold Star for "Trouw en Verdienste" and with a gold medal for outstanding contributions to them. Around 1898 he relinquished management of his business interests there, handing them over to the management of his attorney, Mr. Leong Mok On, and moved to Penang where he lived at No. 8, Leith Street. He was appointed Chinese Vice-Consul to Penang, a position that was taken up by his son-in-law, Mr. Leong Fee, upon his resignation. He had interests in the Tambun mines in Perak and the Bentong mines near Kuala Lumpur. He was a member of the Penang Chinese Town Hall committee. He married the daughter of the Mayor of Pontianak, Mr. Chong Hi.[2][3][4] Together with Cheong Fatt Tze, Leong Fee(梁輝, Zhang Yao Xuan(張耀軒, and Foo Choo Choon(胡子春), he founded the Chung Hua School(中華學校 or 中華學堂, the first modern Chinese school in Malaya teaching in Mandarin.[5] Cheah Choon Seng died on 4 February 1916.[6]


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