Beatrice Hsu

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Beatrice Hsu
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Background information
Chinese name 許瑋倫 (traditional)
Chinese name 许玮伦 (simplified)
Pinyin Xǔ Wěilún (Mandarin)
Born (1978-11-13)November 13, 1978
Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan)
Died January 28, 2007(2007-01-28) (aged 28)[1]
Taichung, Republic of China (Taiwan)
Other name(s) Hsü Wei-lun
Occupation Actress, singer
Instrument(s) Piano, Harp, Drums, Guitar, Erhu, Konghou
Years active 2001–2007

Beatrice Hsu (traditional Chinese: 許瑋倫; simplified Chinese: 许玮伦; pinyin: Xǔ Wěilún; Wade–Giles: Hsü Wei-lun) (November 13, 1978 – January 28, 2007) was a Taiwanese actress.


Hsu was a well-known actress from Taiwan and had been acting for about 5 years. She started her career as a model, and was a trained musician from a young age as she could play the piano and but her charm and beauty were quickly noticed by television producers. She started acting while in university, and gradually gaining her fame and popularity. She was not only known for her looks, but her lovable performances in acting as well. She also co-starred in a few super hit MVs and was a very popular figure in television commercials in Taiwan.

She was first noticed by the press for her role in a television commercial for the convenience store chain 7-Eleven, and later for her role in the GTV drama True Love 18 (十八歲的約定) for which she was nominated "Best Supporting Actress" at the Golden Bell Awards (金鐘獎) in 2002. From there, she went on to take on leading roles in various television dramas and movies.

She was first noticed by audience for her brief appearance in the popular TV drama "Meteor Garden". Her first popular leading role was the Taiwan TV drama "Love Storm" where she starred with her ex-boyfriend Vic Zhou, one of the members of F4 band.

She was the girlfriend of actor-singer Lee Wei (李威) before being linked with Vic Zhou in 2004.[2] Her relationship with Zhou did not last and ended in 2005 due to his talent company's "no-relationship clause". She starred in 2005 Taiwan hit TV drama "Express Boy" (惡男宅急電) with Mike He Jun Xiang and became a popular television star.

Hsu was also a talented musician, capable of playing piano, harp, konghou (Chinese harp), guitar, drums, and erhu. She had a duet with Gary Cao Ge in the song Freedom for the Nine-Ball TV drama OST in 2004. She is also fluent in Mandarin, Taiwanese Hokkien, English and French (she majored in French at university).

Car accident and death[edit]

Hsu was involved in a fatal accident on the Taichung stretch of Taiwan's National Highway No. 1 at 23:15 on January 26, 2007, while travelling with her assistant to Nantou for the filming of Daughter of the Sun (Traditional Chinese: 太陽的女兒). Her Mini Cooper driven by her assistant collided with the barrier/guardrail on the highway and spun out to the other side (slow lane) of the highway and came to a halt.[3] According to passers-by, the Mini Cooper was travelling at around 120–130 km/h.

Having come to a halt, and thinking that it was safe, Hsu unbuckled her seat belt before the Mini Cooper's rear-end was hit by a truck. When the collision occurred, only the passenger side's airbag was deployed. The front airbag failed to deploy (airbags are not designed to deploy in rear impact collision). Contrary to witness' testimony, her assistant denied being the driver at the time of the accident. She developed post-traumatic hydrocephalus in which the increased pressure crushed the brainstem.

Despite 43 hours of emergency treatment, her heartbeat stopped at 17:09 and she died on January 28, 2007, at 19:37 local time, leaving behind her father, mother and a younger brother.[4]

A posthumous memorial concert was held in her memory on February 9, 2007, fulfilling Hsu's dream of holding her own concert, a day after her body was cremated.[5]

Despite her passing, Lee Wei, Cyndi Wang and Rainie Yang continues to send birthday messages on social media on her birthday every year.

TV series[edit]



  • (2004) Freedom - Nine-Ball OST duet

Music videos[edit]

  • (2002) Sammi Cheng, Willing 〈捨得〉
  • (2001) Victor Huang 品冠, Responsibility of Being Fond Of You 〈疼你的責任〉
  • (2001) Leehom Wang, Sense Of Safe 〈安全感〉
  • (2001) Nicholas Tse 〈慌〉, Fluster
  • (2001) Eason Chan, King of Karaoke Songs 〈K歌之王〉
  • (2001) 吳宗憲, Strangers, Who Love Me? 〈陌生人、誰愛我〉
  • (2001) MAYDAY, Will You? 〈好不好〉
  • (2000) Maggie Chiang, Lonely Flight〈寂寞飛行〉



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