Huang Binhong

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Huang Binhong (黄宾虹) statue, located at the West Lake in Hangzhou

Huáng Bīnhóng (黃賓虹) (1865-1955) was a Chinese art historian and literati painter born in Jinhua in Zhejiang province. His ancestral home was She County in Anhui province.[1] He was the grandson of artist Huang Fengliu. He would later be associated with Shanghai and finally Hangzhou. He is considered one of the last innovators in the literati style of painting and is noted for his freehand landscapes. His painting style showed the influence of the earlier painters Li Liufang (李流芳), Cheng Sui (程邃), Cheng Zhengkui, and Kun Can.

He also had significance for creating several societies devoted to painting and calligraphy.


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