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Hubert Lewright Eaton (June 3, 1881 – September 20, 1966) was an American businessman who is known for Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks & Mortuaries in California.

Early life[edit]

Hubert Eaton was born in Liberty, Missouri, on June 3, 1881.


Eaton and Charles Simms entered into a contract with Forest Lawn Cemetery in Tropico (now Glendale), California to manage the sales of burial property in 1912.[1] In 1917, Eaton conceived the "memorial-park" concept and Forest Lawn Cemetery was renamed Forest Lawn Memorial-Park.[2] He envisioned Forest Lawn as a place for the living, having sweeping lawns and noble architecture, stained glass, and a place that uplifted the community rather than being a place of sorrow. Eaton became noted as, and referred to himself as, "The Builder" of Forest Lawn Glendale. During his life, he supervised the opening of Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, Forest Lawn Cypress, and Forest Lawn Covina Hills in the greater Los Angeles, California area, which became the funeral and/or interment locations for many movie stars and other celebrities. With several beautiful chapels throughout the Glendale cemetery's park-like setting, it has also served as the wedding location for well-known celebrities, including U.S. President Ronald Reagan and his first wife, actress Jane Wyman.[3]

Eaton's international connections enabled him to attract an incredible number of important art works to his memorial parks. He was well-known around the world as a collector and was respected at the highest levels of many governments.

Personal life[edit]

In 1917, Eaton married Anna Ruth Munger, a widow who was previously married to LeRoy Munson Henderson.[4] [5]

On November 22, 1960, Eaton's wife died in Los Angeles, California. She was 75.[4] [6]

On September 20, 1966, Eaton died in Beverly Hills, California. He was 85.[5] [7]

Upon Eaton's death, he was entombed in the "Memorial Court of Honor" in the Great Mausoleum in his Forest Lawn Glendale memorial park.

Eaton's friend Walt Disney, himself too ill to attend, was an honorary pallbearer at Eaton's funeral.[8]


In 2017 the Greater Los Angeles Area Council renamed a BSA camp after him, the Hubert Eaton Scout Reservation.[9]


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