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Editor Andrea Kurland
Categories DIY Culture, Art magazine, Lifestyle
Frequency Bi-monthly
Publisher TCOLondon
First issue 2006
Based in London

Huck is a bi-monthly magazine, website and online video channel that explores stories from across DIY culture. It has been recognized for its style of exploring subcultures as "entry points for articles about music, politics and places all over the world."[1] It is published by London-based media company TCOLondon,[2] which also publishes Little White Lies magazine.

History and rationale[edit]

Huck launched in 2006 and was initially inspired by the rebellious heritage of surf and skate with the tagline: "More than just the ride." But over the years, the magazine's coverage has broadened to cover the wider world of DIY-culture.[2] Founding editor and TCOLondon Publisher Vince Medeiros had previously edited Adrenalin, an adventure sports and lifestyle magazine started by journalist Michael Fordham.[3]

Speaking in 2006, Vince Medeiros said of the intended readership for Huck: "Our readers will be part of the tribe of surf, skate and snowboard culture, but they will be people who appreciate that there are other things in life."[4]

The first issue, which featured snowboarder Shaun White on the cover, was delayed by two months after burglars cleared out the magazine’s Shoreditch office, two weeks before the original release date in May 2006.[4]

The magazine adopted the tagline "Radical Culture" in February 2013. For Huck, radical culture includes anything that challenges the dominant discourse, such as starting a record label or skateboard company "because no one else would give you a shot," editor Andrea Kurland said, explaining the magazine's ethos in 2014. "It’s that DIY attitude that gave birth to everything we admire and love: punk, skateboarding, surfing, activism, hip-hop, outsider art, indie publishing – people who make something happen because they have an urge to make something happen."[5]

Huck cover stars often co-curate the issue in which they appear, suggesting stories on people, places and moments that inspired them. Dave Eggers, Miranda July, Mark Gonzales, Kim Gordon and Cat Power are among those who have guest-edited Huck.[5]

Book: Paddle Against the Flow[edit]

San Francisco–based Chronicle Books is due to publish the first Huck book, Paddle Against the Flow in Spring 2015. The book brings together the best insights from more than 60 of the most inspiring people Huck has spoken to over the years, along with exclusive photography and art that has come to embody the magazine’s distinct aesthetic, according to Chronicle publicity materials.[6]


Huck has won several awards for its design and journalism and was featured in “Graphic Design – Now In Production,” a major international exhibition co-organized by the Smithsonian Institution’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, New York, and the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis that toured the United States from 2011-2014.[7]

Huck's awards and commendations include:

  • Society of Publication Designers (2014) Merit winner in editorial design[8]
  • Art Directors Club (2013) Merit winner in illustration[9]
  • Amnesty International Media Awards (2012) Special Commendation[10]
  • D&AD Awards (2010) Yellow Pencil nomination Illustration/Magazine & Newspaper design[11]
  • The Maggies (2009) Best cover award, Sports and Men’s category[12]
  • Magazine Design and Journalism Awards (2008) Nominated Best Designed Magazine[13]


Huck is available in the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Malta, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Brazil.


Issue Date Cover Star
1 June/July 2006 Shaun White
2 October/November 2006 Kelly Slater
3 December 2006/January 2007 Terje Håkonsen
4 March/April 2007 Tony Hawk
5 May/June 2007 Bobby Martinez
6 July/August 2007 Laird Hamilton
7 October/November 2007 Victoria Jealouse
8 January/February 2008 Bam Margera
9 March/April 2008 Jack Johnson
10 May/June 2008 Tom Curren
11 July/August 2008 Scott Bourne
12 September/October 2008 Stephanie Gilmore
13 November/December 2008 Nicolas Müller
14 April/May 2009 Ben Harper
15 June/July 2009 Maya Gabeira
16 August/September 2009 Mos Def
17 October/November 2009 The Malloy Brothers
18 December 2009/January 2010 Spike Jonze
19 February/March 2010 Rob Machado
20 April/May 2010 Rodney Mullen
21 June/July 2010 Deftones
22 September 2010 The Counterculture Issue
23 November 2010 Kelly Slater
24 December 2010/January 2011 David Carson
25 March/April 2011 John Cardiel
26 May/June 2011 Rivers Cuomo
27 July/August 2011 Miranda July
28 September 2011 Andrew Reynolds
29 October/November 2011 Travis Rice
30 December 2011/January 2012 Shepard Fairey
31 February/March 2012 The No Heroes Issue
32 April/May 2012 Thomas Campbell
33 June/July 2012 The Identity Issue
34 August/September 2012 Shaun Tomson
35 October/November 2012 The On The Road Issue
36 December 2012/January 2013 Nas
37 February/March 2013 Mark Gonzales
38 April/May 2013 Dave Eggers
39 June/July 2013 Sofia Coppola
40 August/September 2013 Cat Power
41 October/November 2013 The Documentary Photography Special I
42 December/January 2014 The Improv Issue
43 March/April 2014 The Boogie Issue
44 May/June 2014 The Tommy Guerrero Issue
45 July/August 2014 The Ed Templeton Issue
46 September/October 2014 The Documentary Photography Special II
47 November/December 2014 The Julian Casablancas Issue
48 January/February 2015 The Origins Issue
49 March/April 2015 The Survival Issue
50 May/June 2015 The 50th Issue Special
51 July/August 2015 The Adventure Issue
52 September/October 2015 The Documentary Photography Special III
53 November/December 2015 The Change Issue
54 February/March 2016 The Defiance Issue
55 May/June 2016 The Freaked Out Issue
56 July/August 2016 The Independence Issue
57 October/November 2016 The Documentary Photography Special IV
58 December/January 2017 The Offline Issue
59 February/March 2017 The Game-Changer Issue

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