Hudhayfah al-Bariqi

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Hudhayfah al-Bariqi
Died Oman
Allegiance Flag of Afghanistan (1880–1901).svg Rashidun Caliphate.
Service/branch Flag of Afghanistan (1880–1901).svg Rashidun army
Rank Commander
Governor of Oman (632–??).

Hudhayfah Ibn Mihsan al-Bariqi(Arabic: حذيفة بن محصن البارقي‎‎).[1] was a companion of Muhammad. He was governor of Oman during the reign of Rashidun Caliph Abu Bakr.[2]

Ridda wars[edit]

In mid-September 632, Abu Bakr dispatched Hudhayfah Ibn Mihsan's corps to Oman to tackle the apostasy in Oman,[3] where the tribe of Azd, that dominated the region of Oman, had revolted under their chief Laqeet bin Malik, known more commonly as "Dhu'l-Taj", i.e. "the Crowned One." According to some reports, he also claimed prophethood. Hudaifa entered the province of Oman, but not having strong enough forces to fight Dhu'l-Taj, he decided to wait for reinforcement, and wrote to the Caliph accordingly. The Caliph sent Ikrimah to aid him in late September 632. Ikrimah marched from Yamamah to Oman, and the combined forces of these two generals defeated Dhu'l-Taj at the Battle of Daba, fought in late November 632 at Dibba, a stronghold of Dhu'l-Taj. Dhu'l-Taj was killed in battle.[4]

Being appointed governor of Oman, Hudaifa next set about the re-establishment of law and order. Ikrimah, having no local administrative responsibility, used his corps to subdue the neighbourhood of Daba, and in a number of small actions succeeded in breaking the resistance of those of the Azd who had continued to defy the authority of Medina.[5][6]