Huichon University of Telecommunications

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Huichon University of Telecommunications
희천 공업 대학
Universidad Telecomunicaciones Huichon (2).jpg
Type Public
Established 1959
Location Huichon,  Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Huichon University of Telecommunications
Chosŏn'gŭl 희천 공업 대학
Hancha 熙川工業大學
Revised Romanization Huicheon Gongeop Daehak
McCune–Reischauer Hŭich'ŏn Kongŏp Taehak

The Huichon University of Telecommunications is located in Huichon, Chagang, North Korea, founded on September 1, 1959.[1]

It is equipped with TV broadcasting equipment, computers, and electronic facilities and materials for education and scientific research.

It has faculties such as an electric communication engineering faculty, computer controlling engineering faculty, electronics faculty and wireless communication engineering faculty. It has also an electronics institute and other institutes, laboratories, a postgraduate course, a library, a practice workshop and a printing house.

Ninety-five percent of the teaching staff are holders of academic degrees and titles.


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