Hutzot HaMifratz railway station

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Hutzot HaMifratz
חוצות המפרץ
Location HaHaroshet St., Haifa[1]
Platforms 2
Tracks 2
Parking 300 free spaces[1]
Bicycle facilities 15 spaces[1]
Disabled access Yes[1]
Opened 2001

'Hutzot HaMifratz railway station (Hebrew: תחנת הרכבת חוצות המפרץ‎, Taḥanat HaRakevet Ḥutzot HaMifratz) is an Israel Railways passenger station serving Hutzot HaMifratz Mall (Hebrew: קניון חוצות המפרץ‎), Israel's largest open-air mall,[citation needed] and the surrounding Haifa Bay industrial zone in the north of Haifa.


The station is situated on the north–south coastal line and is located in the central part of the Haifa-Bay industrial zone. The station is one of two railway stations serving the Haifa Bay district (the other being Lev HaMifratz railway station), although it is much smaller in terms of passenger numbers and trains serving it. The station is one of six railway stations within Haifa's municipal borders.


The station was constructed during the summer of 2001 and officially opened on October 16, 2001. This is the second public railway station whose construction was entirely funded by a private enterprise (the first being Lev HaMifratz station). The station replaced the temporary Kishon station that existed for several years some 700 meters to the north. The station consists of two side platforms with two parallel rail tracks running between them, a pedestrian tunnel connecting the two platforms and a station hall on the eastern side.

During the 2006 Israel–Lebanon conflict train service to the station was suspended after a Hezbollah Katyusha rocket hit a train depot in Haifa on July 16, 2006, killing 8 Israel Railways workers. It was restored 29 days later, on August 14, two days after the ceasefire went into effect.

Train service[edit]

Hutzot HaMifratz is a station on both the main north–south coastal line of Israel Railways (Nahariya–Haifa–Tel AvivBen-Gurion AirportBe'er Sheva Inter-City Service) and the suburban line serving Haifa's northern suburbs – The Qrayot (Haifa–Qiryat Motzkin Suburban Service), although only a third of all the Inter-City trains actually stop at the station. The station is situated between Qiryat Chaim railway station to the north and Lev HaMifratz railway station to the south.

Public transport connections[edit]

Hutzot HaMifratz station is located about 400 meters to the north-west of the main highway (ISR-HW4 red.PNG Highway 4) and thus is within walking distance from a large number of bus lines and Sherut Taxis (Share Taxi).


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