Hyde Memorial Observatory

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Hyde Memorial Observatory
Location Lincoln, Nebraska
Coordinates 40°46′40.14″N 96°38′10.41″W / 40.7778167°N 96.6362250°W / 40.7778167; -96.6362250Coordinates: 40°46′40.14″N 96°38′10.41″W / 40.7778167°N 96.6362250°W / 40.7778167; -96.6362250
Established 1977
Website www.hydeobservatory.info

14' Schmidt-Cassegrain Celestron, 11' Schmidt-Cassegrain Celestron, 8' Schmidt-Cassegrain Meade Lightswitch,

3' Rear Projection Solar Telescope
Hyde Memorial Observatory is located in the US
Hyde Memorial Observatory
Location of Hyde Memorial Observatory

Hyde Memorial Observatory is a community astronomical observatory located in Lincoln, Nebraska (USA) surrounded Holmes lake. It is run totally by volunteers, furnished through public donations, and devoted purely to public viewing. It is named after a donation given by Leicester Hyde in honor of her late husband and opened in 1977.

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