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Hypertime is a fictional concept in DC Comics. It is a variation of the Multiverse concept that existed in DC Comics before Crisis on Infinite Earths. The concept of Hypertime first appeared in the 1999 The Kingdom limited series.


Hypertime is a network of alternate timelines that branch of from the DC Universe. These timelines sometimes overlap with each other, causing alterations in reality. Characters can cross from one timeline to another if needed.[1] The 2005-2006 Infinite Crisis limited series replaced Hypertime with the use of reality-altering shockwaves created by Superboy-Prime when he punches the walls of his extra-dimensional home.[2]


Mister Mind, disguised as Skeets, refers to Waverider as "the seer of Hypertime".[3]

Booster Gold[edit]

An older Booster Gold, while explaining his duties to his son Rip Hunter, mentions the concept of Hypertime.[4]


Hypertime is used to explain the formation and alteration of the 52 universes formed at the end of 52.[5]

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