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IDA Ireland
IDA Ireland.png
State Agency of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation overview
Formed 1949
Jurisdiction Ireland
Headquarters Wilton Place, Dublin 2
State Agency of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation executives
  • Martin Shanahan, Chief Executive
  • Dermot Clohessy, Executive Director
Website IDA Ireland website

IDA Ireland is the agency responsible for industrial development in Ireland. The agency was founded in 1949 as the Industrial Development Authority and placed on a statutory footing a year later. The sponsoring minister was Daniel Morrissey of Fine Gael who was influenced by a friend of his, a Czech businessman who experienced his country's economic success in the pre war period. During the Lemass Era the authority changed its role greatly and took a central role in reform and industrialisation of the economy. In 1994 the authority became the Industrial Development Agency (Ireland) or more commonly, IDA Ireland. In recent years many countries and regions have created industrial development authorities modelled on the agency to encourage foreign direct investment and economic growth.

IDA Ireland is responsible for the attraction and development of foreign direct investment in Ireland. The promotion of Irish companies is the responsibility of Enterprise Ireland and policy and advisory matters are handled by Forfás. These agencies are responsible to the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation in the Irish Government.

The IDA is responsible for the development and promotion of foreign industry and enterprise in Ireland. The IDA is focusing on attracting high value investment into Ireland such as Research & Development activities, European Headquarters, Advanced manufacturing and supply chain management activities.

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