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iLiana Fokianaki (born in 1980, Thessaloniki) is a Greek curator and former journalist based in Athens and Rotterdam. She is the founder and director of contemporary art space State of Concept in Athens,[1] where she curated solo exhibitions of artists such as Laure Prouvost[2] and the Rojava Film Commune.[3] A retrospective of Fokianaki's institution titled State (in) Concepts was exhibited at Kadist Art Foundation in Paris in 2017.[4]

Fokianaki's work explores the relation between art, precarity, state formations and identitarianism.[5] Together with curator Antonia Alampi, she is the co-founder of Future Climates, a platform that aims to propose viable futures for small-scale organizations of contemporary art and culture.[6] Fokianaki was curator and programmer at Kunsthal Extra City in Antwerp from 2017-2019, where she curated the exhibitions Extra Citizen (2017)[7] and Extra States: Nations in Liquidation (2018)[8]

Fokianaki is a lecturer at the Dutch Art Institute,[9] and a writer for various international art journals and publications, discussing issues ranging from art and ethics,[10] to a joint piece on art and economy written with former Greek Minister of Finance Yanis Varoufakis.[11]

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