I Am Pilgrim

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I Am Pilgrim
I Am Pilgrim - hardback UK jacket.jpg
Cover by Richard Shailer/Transworld
AuthorTerry Hayes
Cover artistRichard Shailer
GenreCrime novel
Spy fiction
PublisherCorgi Books
Publication date
July 2013

I Am Pilgrim is the debut novel by former journalist and screenwriter, Terry Hayes.[1] It was published on 18 July 2013 in the United Kingdom.


"Pilgrim" is an American former intelligence agent known as the "Rider of the Blue" who later writes a book on forensic pathology. Pilgrim becomes involved in a case in New York City where a mysterious woman uses his book to commit untraceable murders in the aftermath of 9/11. The "Saracen" is a Saudi who becomes radicalised by watching his father's beheading. He later trains as a doctor and fights in the Soviet–Afghan War. Pilgrim is recalled to the intelligence community who have detected a threat involving the Saracen, who has created a vaccine-resistant strain of the variola major virus.

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Film adaptation[edit]

In July 2014, MGM bought the movie rights for the book and are set to target a series of films, similar to the Bond franchise, with Matthew Vaughn directing.[3] In April 2018, James Gray was set to direct.[4]


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