I Heart Girl

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I Heart Girl
Cover image, "Gabriel"
AuthorJessica Yatrofsky
CountryUnited States
PublisherpowerHouse Books
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardcover)

I Heart Girl or i <3 girl is an 80-page photography monograph[1] by American artist Jessica Yatrofsky published in 2015[2] by powerHouse Books in New York City and designed by Crystal Gywn with an introduction by George Pitt[disambiguation needed].


I Heart Girl was the follow-up to Yatrofsky’s first photography monograph I Heart Boy. The young female subjects of I Heart Girl represent a spectrum of masculine, feminine and androgynous traits.[3] Yatrofsky presents a new vision of contemporary female culture that strays far outside of what would be considered conventional gender identities.[4]


I Heart Girl was featured on Dazed as one of the most exciting new photography books of 2015.[5] Cosmopolitan Magazine mentioned as soulful and simple.[6] HuffPost remarked that Yatrofsky's book of portraits shows the huge breadth of people that identify as feminine, urging the viewer to rethink female beauty.[7] i-D mentioned that I Heart Girl is challenging traditional representations of women in mass media and undermining institutionalized notions of masculinity and femininity.[8] Yatrofsky said in an interview that she focuses on capturing each woman in a natural state, and in line with the way they present themselves to the world.[9]