I Live for the Sun

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"I Live for the Sun"
Single by The Sunrays
from the album Andrea
Released July 1965
RecordedJanuary 10, 1965
Songwriter(s)Rick Henn
Producer(s)Murry Wilson
The Sunrays singles chronology
""Outta Gas"" "I Live for the Sun" ""Andrea""

"I Live for the Sun" is a 1965 single written by Rick Henn and performed by American pop band The Sunrays. It reached #51 on the Billboard Hot 100, #20 on the Australian Singles Chart and was also a Top 20 hit in the UK when covered by Vanity Fare. It was included on their 1966 studio album, Andrea, on Tower Records. The song gained popularity through the television appearances the group made on a teenage soap opera of the mid-'60s titled Never Too Young. The song's success was arguably a result of positive public response to the group's alternative musical fare and fresh new sound.[1] Also included on a 1977 K-Tel album called "Here comes summer". The song is credited " The Surfers".

A cover version of the song was done by Jeffrey Foskett who worked with Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys.

The song was also covered by the Surf Punks on their 1980 album My Beach with a few lyrical changes.

Origin and recording[edit]

Band member Eddy Medora on the origin of the song: "I had a chorus that went, 'Run Run Run' and Ricky Henn called me up to come over and finish it. I didn't come over." Ricky Henn went on to write "I Live For The Sun" but only used the three chords of the chorus of Run Run Run and wrote a different melody over those chords, created a new title and concept, new lyrics for the entire song, composed original verses and bridge. The track has an approximate duration of two minutes and twenty-five seconds. The Surf Punks later covered the song at a slightly faster tempo, omitting the bridge but featuring a dulcimer solo in its place.


Chart[2] Position
Australian Singles Chart 20
UK Singles Chart 20
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 51