I Spy Spooky Mansion

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This article is about the original I Spy Spooky Mansion. For the deluxe version, see I Spy Spooky Mansion Deluxe
I Spy Spooky Mansion
Black Hammer Productions
SeriesI Spy
Platform(s)Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X, iPhone OS, Wii
September 7, 1999
Mac OS
September 7, 1999
iPhone OS
September 3, 2009
October 2010

I Spy Spooky Mansion is a "search-and-find" PC game created in 1999 by Scholastic based on the I Spy children's books. In the game, The player starts off at the entrance of a haunted house. They enter and are locked inside. The "Guide" (aka Skeleton and additionally known as Skelly) informs the player that they must earn puzzle pieces to escape the house. They search the various rooms of the mansion for the objects specified on the bottom of the screen. Once all of the objects in an area have been found, Skelly appears and awards the player with a puzzle piece. Once the player has collected all of the puzzle pieces, they may combine them inside the message frame to obtain instructions leading to Skelly's secret study in the library. To get into the library, the blue book must be pulled, followed by the green book and finally the red book. This causes the head on the bookshelf to move, unlocking the secret entrance to Skelly's study. The player can then escape through the window by climbing down a rope with Skelly, taking them back to the front entrance of the house. The player is then invited back into the house for more I Spy riddles. From there the player must find the ingredients to Skelly's favourite recipe: Shrinking Soup. (This soup is most likely used by Skelly to shrink himself so he can fit into the locations of the riddles, such as bookcases and fireplaces.) Once the player gains all of the ingredients for Shrinking Soup, they are able to eat it and escape the mansion through a mousehole by the front door. This hole takes the player back to the front entrance of the mansion, where Skelly invites the player into the house for a final game of riddles. To escape for a third time, the player must collect all of the parts to fix Skelly's ghost machine. Once all of the pieces are collected, the player uses the blueprints supplied by Skelly to fix the ghost machine. Six ghosts are created using the ghost machine, and then the ghosts are put back into the machine. Finally, Skelly sacrifices himself by throwing himself into the machine to turn into a ghost, called the "Get-Out Ghost." The "Get-Out Ghost" propels the player out the chimney of the mansion, and the game is over.

On September 3, 2009, Scholastic re-released a version of the game on the iPhone and re-released it on the Wii in October 2010. The re-releases expand on the original game in many ways, by adding an additional story after the secret message is uncovered, and adding additional rooms. They boast over 30 I Spy riddles, however many of these riddles have the player revisiting previous stages multiple times.