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The I Zingari League was an amateur association football competition based in Liverpool, England which existed from 1895.[1]

Its name means 'the gypsies' in dialecticised Italian, and I Zingari was the name of an English amateur cricket club formed in 1845, and an Australian one formed 40 years later. The Liverpool football league’s name invokes their spirit of amateur competition.

The league ran until 2006, when it merged with the Liverpool County Combination to form the new Liverpool County Premier League. It was at one time a feeder to the North West Counties League.

Notable local non-league clubs Marine and Formby competed in this league in the past. A representative fixture against the Lancashire Amateur League was played annually between 1919 and the league's discontinuation.

Member clubs[edit]

The final season's Premier Division featured 14 teams. The final champions were Old Xaverians.

Alsop OB
Collegiate OB
East Villa
Hill Athletic
Liverpool NALGO
Old Xaverians
Quarry Bank OB
Red Rum
Turpins Devonshire

I Zingari Combination[edit]

The I Zingari Combination was founded in 1904 to serve as a competition primarily for the reserve sides of I Zingari League clubs.[2] Despite the discontinuation of the League, the Combination continues to run, hosting 39 teams across a single open-age and three veterans' divisions. Whilst no formal arrangement exists, the open-age competition frequently serves as a provider of clubs to the Liverpool County Premier League.[3] It can therefore be said to occupy a position at level 14 of the English football league system.


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