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The Liverpool County Football Combination was a football league based in Merseyside, England. It was founded in 1908 and had its first season in 1909-10. A second division was quickly formed, and the league ran with two divisions for the majority of its existence.

The league had a knockout competition, the George Mahon Cup,[1] for the entire duration of its existence.

The league's last season was 2005-06, when the league champions were Speke. At the conclusion of the 2005-06 season, the league merged with the I Zingari League to form a new competition – the Liverpool County Premier League, which took the County Combination's former place at step 7 (or level 11) of the English football league system and as a feeder to the North West Counties Football League First Division. The George Mahon Cup is still contested by teams in the new league.[2]

Season summary[edit]

Season Division 1 Champions Division 1 Runners-Up Division 2 Champions Division 2 Runners-Up
1909-10[3] Garston Gasworks Prescot Wireworks
1910-11[3] Skelmersdale United Prescot Wireworks Banks Road Widnes County Reserves
1911-12[3] Garston North End Skelmersdale United L & N.W.R. Perway Prescot Swifts
1912-13[3] Garston Gasworks Prescot Wireworks
1913-14[3] Skelmersdale United Wallasey Borough
1914-15[3] Burscough Rangers[4] St Helens Town
1915-16[3] Competition suspended - World War One
1916-17[3] Competition suspended - World War One
1917-18[3] Competition suspended - World War One
1918-19[3] Competition suspended - World War One
1919-20[3] Competition suspended - World War One
1920-21[3] Skelmersdale United Frodsham Athletic
1921-22[3] Burscough Rangers Frodsham
1922-23[3] New Brighton Reserves Wigan Borough Reserves
1923-24[3] New Brighton Reserves Ormskirk
1924-25[3] Port Sunlight Athletic Everton 'A'
1925-26[3] Burscough Rangers Whiston Parish Church
1926-27[3] Burscough Rangers New Brighton Reserves
1927-28[3] Marine Whiston
1928-29[3] Whiston Marine
1929-30[3] Liverpool 'A' Bootle Celtic
1930-31[3] Marine Everton 'A'
1931-32[3] Everton 'A' Whiston
1932-33[3] Whiston Everton 'A'
1933-34[3] Marine Everton 'A'
1934-35[3] Marine Everton 'A'
1935-36[3] Everton 'A' Skelmersdale United
1936-37[3] Everton 'A' Earlestown Bohemians
1937-38[3] Everton 'A' Hoylake Athletic
1938-39[3] Skelmersdale United Everton 'A'
1939-40[3] Competition suspended - World War Two
1940-41[3] Competition suspended - World War Two
1941-42[3] Competition suspended - World War Two
1942-43[3] Competition suspended - World War Two
1943-44[3] Competition suspended - World War Two
1944-45[3] Competition suspended - World War Two
1945-46[3] Skelmersdale United Marine Marlborough Skelmersdale United Reserves
1946-47[3] Liverpool 'A' Skelmersdale United Castner Kellner Napiers
1947-48[3] Earlestown F.C. Formby Everton 'B' Ellesmere Port Town Reserves
1948-49[3] Formby Everton 'A' Everton 'B' Runcorn Athletic
1949-50[3] Burscough Skelmersdale United Skelmersdale United Reserves Burscough Reserves
1950-51[5] Skelmersdale United Everton 'A' Everton 'B' Earlestown Reserves
1951-52[5] Skelmersdale United Formby Fleetwood Hesketh Everton 'B'
1952-53[5] Everton 'A' Formby Everton 'B' Brenka
1953-54[5] Skelmersdale United Everton 'A' Burscough Reserves Liverpool 'B'
1954-55[5] Everton 'A' Liverpool 'A' Aintree S.S. Everton 'B'
1955-56[5] Liverpool 'A' Marine Reserves
1956-57[5] Unit Construction South Liverpool Reserves
1957-58[5] Dunlop (Speke) Marine Reserves
1958-59[5] Guinness Exports Burscough Reserves
1959-60[5] Guinness Exports Unit Construction
1960-61[5] Rylans Recreation Guinness Exports
1961-62[5] Guinness Exports Langton Guinness Exports Reserves Waterloo Ramblers
1962-63[5] Guinness Exports Langton Guinness Exports Reserves Unit Construction Reserves
1963-64[5] Guinness Exports Unit Construction Guinness Exports Reserves Liverpool Transport
1964-65[5] Langton Formby Dunlop (Speke) Reserves Lucas Sports
1965-66[5] Lucas Sports Maghull
1968-69[5] Langton Guinness Exports Reserves
1969-70[5] Langton Lucas Sports
1970-71[5] Langton Lucas Sports
1971-72[5] Langton Dunlop (Speke)
1972-73[5] Langton Waterloo Dock
1973-74[5] Bootle Lucas Sports
1974-75[5] Waterloo Dock Ainsdale
1975-76[6] Waterloo Dock Aintree S.S.
1976-77[6] Aintree S.S. Waterloo Dock
1977-78[6] Waterloo Dock Prescot B.I.
1978-79[6] Waterloo Dock
1979-80[7] St Dominics Garswood United
1980-81[8] Waterloo Dock St Dominics
1981-82[9] St Dominics Earle
1982-83[10] St Dominics Earle
1983-84[11] BRNESC St Dominics LMT Littlewoods Ath
1984-85[12] BRNESC Waterloo Dock Speke B C O B Kirkby Town Reserves
1985-86[13] St Dominics Waterloo Dock Avon Athletic Evans
1986-87[6] Waterloo Dock BRNESC
1987-88[14] Uniasco Waterloo Dock Stantondale Derry
1988-89[15] Waterloo Dock St Dominics Bootle Reserves Ford Motors
1989-90[6] Waterloo Dock St Dominics
1990-91[6] Stantondale St Dominics
1991-92[6] Yorkshire Copper Tube St Dominics
1992-93[6] St Dominics Lucas Sports
1993-94[6] St Dominics Lucas Sports
1994-95[6] St Dominics Waterloo Dock
1995-96[6] Stockbridge Waterloo Dock
1996-97[6] Waterloo Dock Stockbridge
1997-98[6] St Dominics Crawford United Biscuits
1998-99[6] St Dominics Manweb
1999-2000[6] Waterloo Dock Yorkshire Copper Tube
2000-01[6] Yorkshire Copper Tube Waterloo Dock
2001-02[6] St. Aloysius Speke
2002-03[6] Speke Waterloo Dock
2003-04[6] Waterloo Dock Speke
2004-05[6] Waterloo Dock St Dominics
2005-06[6] Speke Waterloo Dock


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