I dag & i morgon (song)

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"I dag & i morgon"
Single by Kikki Danielsson
Released 13 March 2006
Format CD
Genre Pop
Writer(s) Thomas G:son, Calle Kindbom

"I dag & i morgon" is a pop song written by Thomas G:son and Calle Kindbom. Swedish pop and country singer Kikki Danielsson sang it when it finished 10th at the Swedish Melodifestivalen 2006.

On April 16, 2006, the song reached Svensktoppen, where it first entered the 6th place. On April 30, 2006, the song was knocked out from Svensktoppen after two rounds.

In the lyrics of I dag & i morgon (Today and tomorrow), the singer tells her lover that she wants to live with the lover today, tomorrow, and the rest of her life.


The single I dag & i morgon was released on 13 March 2006. At the Swedish singles chart, the song peaked at 27th place. The single was mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic.

Track listing[edit]

  1. I dag & i morgon - 2:59
  2. Yesterday Once More - 4:57

Contributing musicians[edit]

I dag & i morgon[edit]

Yesterday Once More[edit]

    • Producer - Thomas Thörnholm

Chart performance[edit]

Sweden Top 60
Week 23 March 2006 6 April 2006

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