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Iain McKell

Iain McKell is a fashion, portrait and social documentary photographer whose work has been published in L'uomo Vogue, i-D and The Face.[1]


McKell grew up in Weymouth and began working as a seaside photographer aged 19.[1] He later studied graphic design at the Exeter College of Art and Design before moving to London in 1979 to work as a designer.[2] He held an exhibition in his own studio in 1984 entitled 'Iain McKell LIVE'. In this event members of the public were invited to witness McKell at work, he photographed members of The Comic Strip[3] and many of the visitors. This was followed in 1985 by an open workshop in The Photographers' Gallery, showing his work and a documentary film about the previous year.[4] The success of these events led McKell to work on advertising campaigns for Smirnoff and Red Stripe.[3]

McKell has been photographing various subcultures since the 1980s, he initially shot skinheads[5] and has since documented various other subcultures, including Punks, Blitz Kids, and Rockabillies.[1] McKell has also spent over ten years befriending and photographing a group of New Age Travellers. The result of this project was the publication of a book and various exhibitions. He also went on to collaborate with Kate Moss for V Magazine as Kate Moss traveled with McKell and spent time with the travelers taking photos. .[6][7]

In 2012, McKell released his third book, Beautiful Britain, a collection of his photographs between 1970 and 2012.[8]


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