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In Greek mythology, Iasus[pronunciation?] (Ancient Greek: Ἴασος) or Iasius (Ancient Greek: Ἰάσιος) was a king of Argos.


According to Hellanicus of Lesbos, Phoroneus had at least three sons: Agenor, Jasus (Iasus) and Pelasgus.[1]

In Apollodorus' Bibliotheca, Iasus was the son of Argus and Ismene (daughter of Asopus) and thus brother of Argus Panoptes. In a Scholia on Euripides' Orestes, Triopas and Sois are called his parents and Pelasgus is his brother.[2] While Pausanias, described Iasus as the son of Triopas (son of Phorbas) and brother of Agenor.[3][4] Generally most scholars agree that Iasus was the father of Io[5][6] by Leucane.[2]

Relation Hellanicus Scholia on Homer Scholia on Euripides Herodotus Apollodorus Pausanias Eustathius on Homer
Parents Phoroneus Phoroneus Triopas and Sois Argus Argus and Ismene Triopas Phoroneus
Sibling Agenor, Pelasgus Agenor, Pelasgus Pelagus - Argus Panoptes Agenor, Pelasgus, Messene Agenor, Pelasgus
Wife - - Leucane - - - -
Children - - Io Io Io Io -


After the death of Phoroneus, the two elder brothers, Pelasgus and Iasus, divided his dominions between themselves in such a manner that Pelasgus received the country about the river Erasmus, and built Larissa, and Iasus the country about Elis. After the death of these two, Agenor, the youngest, invaded their dominions, and thus became king of Argos.[7][8] According to Pausanias, he was the successor of his father Triopas on the throne of Argos while his brother Agenor succeeded him as the king afterwards.[5]

Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Argos Succeeded by
Agenor, son of Triopas


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