Icalma Lake

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Icalma Lake
Lago Icalma.jpg
Coordinates 38°48′S 71°17′W / 38.800°S 71.283°W / -38.800; -71.283Coordinates: 38°48′S 71°17′W / 38.800°S 71.283°W / -38.800; -71.283
Catchment area 150 km2 (58 sq mi)[1]
Basin countries Chile
Surface area 9.8 km2 (3.8 sq mi)[1]
Average depth 66 m (217 ft)[1]
Max. depth 135 m (443 ft)[1]
Surface elevation 1,150 m (3,770 ft)[1]
References [1]

Icalma Lake is a lake located in the Andes of the La Araucanía Region of Chile, close to Icalma International Pass. It is connected to the Laguna Chica de Icalma by a short stream, covering both lakes a surface total of 11.7 km².[1] The lake drains northeastwards into the Biobío River by way of a 10-km-long river[1] named Rukanuco.

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