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Igbara-Oke, popularly referred to as Nodal Town, is in Ifedore, Ondo State, Nigeria. It is the headquarters of Ifedore Local Government Council. The total population for the local government area was 176,372 as at 2006 (National Population Commission, 2009). Igbara-Oke is a Yoruba town and the inhabitants are largely engaged in agriculture.

The first primary school was established in Igbara-Oke in 1935. It is St Paul's Anglican Primary School attached to the St. Paul's Anglican Church a landmark (established in 1884) that established the Company of the Boy's Brigade. Anglican Grammar School was the first secondary school in Ifedore Local Government Area and it was established in 1958 (NPC, 2005).

Oba Francis Adefarakanmi Agbede, a Nigerian monarch. He is the 13th Olowa of Igbara-Oke kingdom, Ondo State since 2017.[1]

Igbara-Oke is the town of Chief August Adebayo; a seasoned public administrator and former Head of Service and Secretary to the Western State government of Nigeria between 1973 and 1975; and the town of Professor Julius Olujimi, the first Professor of Urban and Regional Planning in Ondo State, Nigeria.


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