Igor Chubais

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Igor Chubais
Igor Chubajs.jpg
Native name Игорь Чубайс
Born (1947-04-26) 26 April 1947 (age 71)
East Berlin
Alma mater Saint Petersburg State University
Era Contemporary
Region Russia
Institutions Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
Main interests
philosophy, russian studies

Igor Borisovich Chubais (Russian: И́горь Бори́сович Чуба́йс; born 26 April 1947, East Berlin[1]) is a Russian philosopher and sociologist, Doctor of Sciences, and the author of many scientific and journalistic works. He is an initiator of the introduction of the Russian education system a new subject Russian studies.[2] He is the first dean of "Russian studies" department at the Institute of Social Sciences and the director of Inter-University center for Russian studies in the faculty of Humanities and social Sciences Peoples' Friendship University of Russia.[3] He is a board member of the Russian Writers Union.[4]

He is the older brother of Russian politician and businessman Anatoly Chubais.[5] Igor Chubais does not endorse political activity of his brother and does not communicate with him.[6]

In 2010 he signed a petition of Russian opposition Putin must go.

In September 2014, he signed a statement demanding to stop aggressive adventure: to withdraw from the territory of Ukraine of Russian troops and stop the propaganda, material and military support to separatists in Eastern Ukraine.[7]


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