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Location Northern Savonia
Coordinates 62°46′N 26°52′E / 62.767°N 26.867°E / 62.767; 26.867Coordinates: 62°46′N 26°52′E / 62.767°N 26.867°E / 62.767; 26.867
Basin countries Finland
Surface area 164.47 km2 (63.50 sq mi)
Max. depth 34.47 m (113.1 ft)
Shore length1 464.22 km (288.45 mi)
Surface elevation 97.9 m (321 ft)
References [1]
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Iisvesi is a rather large lake in Finland. The lake consists of three separate basins: Iisvesi, Virmasvesi and Rasvanki. Located within Tervo, Rautalampi, Suonenjoki and northern Kuopio on a sparsely populated area the waters are generally pretty clear.


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