Ilona Jokinen

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Ilona Jokinen

Ilona Jokinen (b. 1981 Lahti, Finland[1]) is a Finnish soprano opera singer.

After completing a Bachelor's Degree in singing pedagogics at the Helsinki Polytechnic (Stadia) in 2005, Jokinen took the Sibelius Academy's opera training programme with Ritva Auvinen, and also has studied Lied several teachers.[2]

In 2005 Ilona Jokinen won the third prize in the national Merikanto Singing Competition,[3] and took the first prize in the national class of the Pentti Koskimies Lied Competition with pianist Asta Lötjönen in 2003.[2]

In 2006 Ilona Jokinen debuted at the Savonlinna Opera Festival where she played the Young Shepherd in Wagner's Tannhauser. In autumn of 2007 she debuted at the Finnish National Opera.


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