Image Is Everything

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Image Is Everything
Studio album by
ReleasedAugust 6, 1996
Recorded1996 at Paramount Studios, Hollywood, California
GenrePunk rock
Skate punk
Hardcore punk
Melodic hardcore
LabelNitro Records
ProducerWarren Fitzgerald
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13 Kiddie Favorites
Image Is Everything
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Image is Everything
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Image Is Everything is Jughead's Revenge's fourth studio album, released in 1996.[2][3] It was the band's first release on the label Nitro Records (owned by The Offspring's Dexter Holland), who would release the rest of their albums before their indefinite hiatus in 2001.[4][5] Nitro re-issued this album to iTunes in 2008, along with Just Joined and Pearly Gates.[5]


No. Title Notes Length
1 "Parliament of Whores 1:40
2 "Tearing Down the World 1:54
3 "Image Is Everything" 1:35
4 "Pain" 2:22
5 "Forever" 2:20
6 "For Once in My Life" 2:27
7 "The People's Pal" 2:21
8 "Environmental Scam" 1:23
9 "You're Only Dreaming" 1:58
10 "I Remember" Remake of a 1992 song from It's Lonely at the Bottom, their second album 1:03
11 "Neuvocation" 1:34
12 "Hellvis" Remake of "London Dungeon" by The Misfits 2:41
13 "Inside of You" Re-recording of a 1995 song from their compilation album 13 Kiddie Favorites 2:06
14 One for the Bouncers" 2:26
15 "Skag up My Ass" Instrumental 2:33
16 "Play With Fire" 1:27
+ "Rumble at Waikiki" Bonus track on vinyl; a Jon and the Nightriders cover



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