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Fantastic Plastic Machine - Imaginations.png
Studio album by Fantastic Plastic Machine
Released February 22, 2006
Recorded 2004-2006
Genre Electronica, breakbeat, house
Label Avex Trax/Cutting Edge
Producer Fantastic Plastic Machine
Fantastic Plastic Machine chronology
Sound Concierge Annex

imaginations, the fifth album by Fantastic Plastic Machine, was released on February 22, 2006. The album includes the song "Tell Me" (featuring Benjamin Diamond) previously released on vinyl, and also has guest performances by Clazziquai Project, Bonnie Pink, Tahiti 80, Ugly Duckling and others.

The cover design is said to be inspired by Philippe Halsman's photomontage Dalí Skull.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Xiang Xiang (monologue)
  2. Fanfare (featuring Tahiti 80)
  3. Don't You Know? (featuring Clazziquai)
  4. Tell Me (featuring Benjamin Diamond)
  5. Paparuwa
  6. Dance Dance Dance Dance (featuring Rip Slyme)
  7. Here In My Mind (introduction to "Slippin' On Down")
  8. Slippin' On Down (featuring Bob Arkin)
  9. A World Without Love (featuring Bonnie Pink)
  10. French Kiss
  11. Obsession
  12. Take Me Away (featuring Ugly Duckling)
  13. End Roll