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Imagine Children's Museum
Location1502 Wall Street
Everett, Washington
Coordinates47°58′39.2″N 122°12′34.5″W / 47.977556°N 122.209583°W / 47.977556; -122.209583
TypeChildren's museum

The Imagine Children's Museum is a non-profit children's museum located in Everett, Washington, near Seattle.


The museum was founded in 1991 as the Children's Museum of Snohomish County, as part of a countywide initiative to establish children-oriented places in Snohomish County by the county government's Children's Commission. It opened in 1993 at a storefront in nearby Marysville,[1] but was forced to move to a temporary space in downtown Everett in 1995.[2] The county government planned to locate the museum permanently at McCollum County Park in Mill Creek, but plans fell through during the late 1990s, leading to a donation by the Schack family to fund a permanent museum in downtown Everett.[3]

The new $4.75 million museum, a former Everett Mutual Bank branch with 20,000 square feet (1,900 m2) of space, opened on October 17, 2004, and was renamed the Imagine Children's Museum.[4][5][6] In its first year at the expanded location, the museum reported an attendance of 146,000, more than quadruple its annual attendance at its temporary locations.[7]

Exhibits and programs[edit]

The Imagine Children's Museum is designed as an activity center for children between the ages of one and twelve years, with over 20 exhibits.[8] Some of the exhibits are reflective of life in Snohomish County, including a child-sized airplane cockpit, a bus donated by Everett Transit, and a theater stage.[9] The museum's rooftop was converted into an outdoor playground in 2005, including a two-story wooden tower, climbing wall and other play areas.[7]


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