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Imagine Cup Sri Lanka is the annual competition sponsored by Microsoft Sri Lanka. It is the local round of competition to select teams to represent Sri Lanka at the international Imagine Cup competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft Corp.. Started in 2005, primarily a software design competition, it enlists teams of four within the high school and university levels to submit software solutions addressing a specifically provided theme.


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The Microsoft Corporation has been criticized for including provisions in the competition's legal documents, stating that by accepting their prizes, winners agree to allow Microsoft to use concepts, techniques, ideas or solutions from the winning applications "for any purpose." Also, the competition has been criticized for being rather Microsoft-centric, with demands such as "the entry must be designed on.NET Framework 2.0 using Microsoft Visual Studio" or "30% of the scoring in this round will be based on use of showcasing the.NET framework".[1]

Microsoft's Rules and Regulations,[2] however, contains a section stating that students' intellectual property will be respected, and that neither Imagine Cup competition nor Microsoft claim ownership of the materials provided by the competitors. It is important to highlight that for the sake of the judgment, internal elements of the solution might be made public to the judges.

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